Specialised Job for WindMill Blades:         
a).  78 feet windmill blades on wheel loading Chennai port and Tuticorin port transporting to Rajasthan, Madhya pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu     
b).  40 feet trailer operating South and North India for import and export cargo heavy weight machinery steam pipeless tubes, iron plates, windmill towers, construction tower materials, total plant machinery shifting.   
c).  20 feet container, wind mill gear box, parts and bed frame knitting machinery.
d).  Lorry silicone drums, industrial vaccum cleaner, tower section silicone di-oxide, PVC flexible rolls, imported television machinery, computer, generation  elements, bearings, pin insulator tab switches, zinc ingots,  joss powder, betel nut, aluminium scrap, imported furniture, chemclade, emmission system, lubricants, export yarn, alumini scrap,  drillingmachine.     
e).  LCV computer spares, ticket printing machine, electronic components, UPS, sewing machine and general cargo.